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The Never-Ending “Search for Delicious”

I watch Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives obsessively. If it’s on TV, I can’t get anything done. If there’s a marathon on – which happens often – I’m probably going to be late for work. So, imagine my excitement when I turn on the TV to find that Guy Fieri is standing on Federal Hill in Providence, RI, minutes from where I live, in a place that I have visited an innumerable amount of times. It’s pretty awesome, and it gets me to thinking about how much I envy this extremely entertaining, blonde-haired mad-man who gets to go all over the country searching for the most delicious bites America – and sometimes Canada – has to offer.

First off, I stole the title of this post from a children’s book that I read in the 5th grade. It’s still one of my favorite books to this very day, and I recently purchased and re-read it. The book is “The Search For Delicious” by Natalie Babbitt (check it out here), and it is a wonderfully written children’s novel about a silly king who sends a messenger out into his kingdom to find the definition of the word “delicious.” This, of course, causes chaos in each and every town that the messenger visits. There is more to the story than that, but for the purpose of this blog I am only including the relevant details. So, I am using these two examples to a) Define what I mean by “food snob” and b) Mention some of the best bites I have had inside & outside of RI, on my own search for delicious.

Being a food snob is not a bad thing (unless of course, you are actually a snob). Being a food snob simply means that you expect a certain standard inside your own kitchen, in the kitchens of others and – especially – in restaurants of all shapes and sizes. My twin cousins have been disappointed by being given a Kid’s Menu since they were 6 or 7 years old. My family breeds these types of food snobs. If they’re at a restaurant, they’re having something along the lines of prime rib, or mussels, or pasta – forget chicken fingers. What many may not recognize, is that we – food snobs of the world!, which includes Mr. Fieri – are the ones that make great food possible. Without our high expectations and crazy standards, amazing chefs would not receive epic praise! Simon Mjumdar, king of the food snobs, makes Iron Chef contestants grovel at his feet to please his taste buds. Guy Fieri makes restaurant owners and head chefs stop to think about whether or not their food is good enough to be sampled by his seasoned taste buds. Without this pressure food would never change, chefs would never explore new flavors and the world would suffer.

When I mention “best bites,” I am just talking about the ones that stick out in my mind at this moment, how I remember them, as I write this post. I am sure that I will be leaving some out and some details may be hazy, so bare with me. (My father has this uncanny ability to remember every epic meal he has ever had, along with what every other person at the table was eating. I hope I inherit that at some point in my life.) We’re going to start, of course, with my roots and hometown – Cranston, RI – and we’ll go from there.

  • Cranston, RI: Macera’s (Italian) – Gnocchi in pink vodka sauce
    • Culinary Affair (American — My dad’s place) – Potato Pancakes
    • Carmine’s (Italian-style Sandwiches) – Pepperoni, Potato & Egg Sandwich
  • Providence, RI: Luxe Burger Bar (American) – Build Your Own Burger & Chili Cheese Fries
    • Gracie’s (New/American/Fine Dining) – Duck Breast with Quinoa & Summer Vegetables
    • Mill’s Tavern (New/American/Fine Dining) – Grilled Swordfish with Watermelon Slaw & Summer Vegetables
  • East Greenwich, RI: Cafe Fresco (American/Italian) – Mozzarella Caprese Salad with Basil Pesto
  • Boston, MA: b.Good (Burgers) – Cousin Oliver with Hand-Cut Fries
    • Boloco (“Inspired” Burritos) – Chicken Teriyaki Burrito, Mango Passion Smoothie
    • The Upper Crust (Pizza) – Pepperoni & Cheese Pizza
    • Wagamama (Japanese/Noodles) – Miso Beef Ramen
  • Portsmouth, NH: 43 Degrees North (Now Closed!!) – Corn Chowder
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico: Armando’s (Mexican) – Skirt Steak Quesadilla
    • Budatai (Puerto Rican/Asian Fusion) – Duck Fried Rice, among MANY others!
    • La Playita @ Hotel La Playa (Puerto Rican) – La Playa Burger & Fries, Coco Loco
  • London, UK: Busaba Eathai (Thai) – Crabmeat Egg Fried Rice, Thai Calamari, Char-grilled Duck

Again, these are only the bites that are coming to mind at this exact moment. I have eaten at so many place in RI from the top of the state to the bottom and tried so many little eateries when I lived in Boston that it’s all a blur. However, I watch Triple D as if I’m going to travel all over the country and try each and every restaurant that looks amazing, interesting and delicious. For example, the other day I saw that there is a place in America that actually serves french fries that are called “Death by Duck.” How can I not try this at some point? It was literally created for me. I am a duck fiend. And yet, I am not Guy Fieri. So, try though I might, there is a possibility I will not taste this incredible bite in my life.

On days like this, I can only continuing searching Google and/or Yelp! and trying out all the restaurants that are close to me. I am very rarely disappointed, and I will continue my food snobbery for the benefit of myself, and the rest of you. 🙂


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