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Fall is Coming… :)

Hello blog world!

I apologize for abandoning you for so, so long. However, the summertime is for fun and outdoors and not sitting inside on the computer typing about what I eat, where I eat, what I’m cooking up… I’ve been too busy DOING those things, and maybe checking out a few Thug Kitchen recipes? Maybe.

This broke graduate student also managed to do a bit of traveling this summer, as well as a bit of concert-attending. So, in this August post, I am choosing to update on all of my summer activities, good eats, adventures and travels.. Complete with photos when available. I also promise – and I will hold myself to it this time – to continue posting, somewhat weekly, when classes begin and I am able to spend time typing on my computer. I am sorry for being away for so long, and I hope you can forgive me.

Exhibit #1: Dad’s leftovers chowder. YUM.

One lovely afternoon, I came home to find this delicious mixture of corn, cream, chicken, tomatoes and other kinds of deliciousness sitting in the fridge waiting for me to devour it. Summer is never complete without at least one taste of corn chowder, and this was out-of-this-world yummy. Dad never disappoints with his what’s-in-the-fridge meals.

Exhibit #2: General Tsao's Grilled Chicken & White Rice
Exhibit #2: General Tsao’s Grilled Chicken & White Rice

I found a delicious  General Tsao’s marinade that is made by Trader Joe’s and I have not stopped using it for grilling, stir fry, etc. This, for me, was a huge success. I bought some chicken breasts – I may use some thighs next time, they’re my favorite – and marinaded them in this delicious mixture, then threw them on the grill to get a nice crust. Now, I like my grilled, marinated chicken (BBQ or what-have-you) nice and crispy on the outside. I like to almost break my teeth when biting into it. To me, there is nothing better than the taste of a grill char. Yum. I tossed the chicken in more sauce when it came off the grill to both cool it off and to make sure that it was still nice and moist. This made a great week’s worth of lunches for me, paired with some Jasmine rice – which I buy by the pound at Trader Joe’s for super cheap and it lasts me months.

Exhibit #3: Culinary Affair Chili with Cheddar & Scallions

When the Bruins were fighting the Chicago Blackhawks for the Stanley Cup Championship, I was eating this bowl of deliciousness. It’s got a nice big kick, it was perfect for a summer night that was below perfect temperature, and it was an excellent meal to have while watching full-contact sports. I always love to eat something strong and hearty when I watch football and hockey. This chili is tomato-based and made with beef, onions, hot pepper rings, cannelini beans and tons of love. It is easily one of my favorite things in the world, and as the fall approaches I will be eating A LOT of it. I will also have to post a recipe for a delicious chili that I like to whip up at home… to be eaten in front of a big screen TV while watching the Patriots of course.

I am going to take a quick moment before I finish this post to point out my adoration for the season of Fall. I do not refer to it as autumn, even in my poetry, and I love every single second of it. There is nothing more comforting in this world than wearing warm sweaters without having to wear a winter coat. There is nothing more wonderful than apple cider, football, pumpkin seeds, chili, Fall seasonal beers and the leaves changing color. Maybe it’s because I am a born and bred New Englander, but I literally cannot get enough of Fall. I savor every moment from September to Thanksgiving, and only AFTER Thanksgiving do I fully throw myself into Christmas Mode. With that being said, the weather that occurred in Rhode Island last week was absolutely perfect and I wish it would continue.

Exhibit #4: My first Bloody Mary

I had my first Bloody Mary this July in a wonderful little bar in Philidelphia, PA with my best friend. The bar was called North 3rd, and it was amazing. These Bloody Mary’s will knock you on your ass, but they taste like pureed pepperoni and are absolutely out-of-this-world. Nice and spicy, the perfect amount of tomato, a nice gigantic stalk of celery and ice cold (I visited Philly in the middle of a massive heat wave). Along with the Bloody Mary, I tried a couple of dishes off their menu: Fried Calamari dusted with Cornmeal & served with Spicy Tomato Sauce, a side of Baked Mac N’ Cheese & a side of Cut Fries with Spicy Mayo. Everything was delicious and surpassed my expectations. It was the perfect meal to help start off a night of drinking.

Exhibit #5: Adam Sandler on DDD

Now, I have previously discussed my obsession with Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives. This past month, new episodes were being aired and Mr. Fieri managed to completely blow my mind and make me infinitely happy when he invited the cast of Grown Ups 2 to travel around LA with him. To top it off, he let Adam Sandler drive the Camaro and also arranged a meatball cook-off between the teams of Adam Sandler & Kevin James vs. David Spade & Chris Rock. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised when I found this on the DVR. As always, the food this man gets to consume because of his awesome job is just unfair.

Exhibit #6: Food Prep

The final photograph in my Mini Summer Slideshow is a food prep that I did for myself last week. Using some items I already had in the fridge and making a small, cost efficient trip to Trader Joe’s, I was able to make a nice little selection of food for myself for the week ahead. Featured here are a Strawberry Smoothie, courtesy of Thug Kitchen; a Tomato-Spinach-Scallion Fritatta, which I modified from a recipe by Bon Appetit; and an Orzo Pasta Salad, which was inspired by different recipes that I found on the Internet involving wheat pasta. The pasta salad I made with wheat orzo, fresh baby spinach, lemon juice, olive oil, roasted garlic, red onions and mint leaves. I later added some grape tomatoes and red wine vinegar in order to offset the taste of the wheat pasta (I always forget that I should just say f*ck it & make it with regular pasta, since I hate wheat pasta).

I hope this little update was satisfactory and I promise to visit the blogosphere again soon with some recipes, or new bites, etc. I do have a few little food adventures that were not included in this post… And, as always, Tuesday night is date night which usually means a delicious new indulgence, or a visit to an old favorite.

❤ Food Snob.


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