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I’m not as tidy as you think.

I’m not as tidy as you think.

This is a short & sweet post meant to do one thing: advertise.

I recently self-published a book of my poetry. It is a compilation of the poems that were included in my BFA Thesis. I am providing a link here so that you might check it out & possibly buy it.

In honor of my starting graduate school on Sept. 4, I am reaching out to try and sell a few more copies of this before I begin work on another book while I am completing my MFA. I would like to try and publish at least 1 collection at the end of each year of grad school that I complete. Thus, I would also like to create a following with my audience so that they might become comfortable and accustomed to my work, how I write, etc.

By sharing this link & information here on my blog, I am inviting the two worlds – my academic, personal writing world and the blog world – to collide. Now any & all that are interested in my writing can access all available outlets of it.

I thank you for your readership, interest in this blog and in advance for even visiting the page for my book. It is available both on Kindle and in paperback to satisfy your reading preferences.

❤ the Food Snob


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