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New Favorite Bites

Happy Monday all!

I’m not satisfied with the small list of bites that I included in my last post, so today’s post will be completely devoted to sharing bites that I enjoyed in 2013 & 2014.

Waterman Grille (Providence, RI): I visited here with my grandmother for my birthday this past summer and the food was absolutely excellent – as was the service. Sunday-Wednesday they offer a 3-Course Pre Fixe which we chose to sample. I had a delicious mushroom crostini with a soft Narragansett Creamery cheese spread (having trouble remembering the type of cheese) followed by duck confit mac & cheese. The mac & cheese was out of this world, though it was very rich and very filling, and I ate every bite I could handle. For dessert, I had a small piece of chocolate cake that was also wonderful but I could hardly enjoy it from being so full!

Harry’s Bar & Burger (Providence, RI): Harry’s is a ‘sister’ restaurant to Luxe Burger Bar (mentioned in my earlier post) in Providence. They serve sliders that are more delicious than most regular burgers I’ve had in my life and their beer selection always offers something new. My favorite is the M.O.A.B. (The Mother of All Burgers) which is loaded with fried onion strings, pickles, bacon, cheese, lettuce, special sauce, mushrooms and tons of happiness. I never say no to visiting.

The White Horse Tavern (Newport, RI): This place is Newport to me. It is the oldest operating  tavern in America (1673), it’s fine dining with a perfect touch of colonial America and the feeling of being right by the ocean. My dad used to run the kitchen here and every childhood memory I have of Newport has something to do with this place. Mike & I visited for my birthday this year and had some of the best New England clam chowder either of us has ever had – I’ve been dying to have it again ever since. I had sirloin steak fritte with hand-cut fries, Mike had the lobster mac & cheese and I would definitely return to try their beef wellington among other things!

2 Pauls City Grille (East Providence, RI): The atmosphere was a little funny here and the restaurant wasn’t very busy but both the food & service were perfectly fine. I visited with a friend and we shared a few appetizers and each had an entire (way too much food) and a glass of wine. I tried this out because of a recommendation and because I had Living Social deal that proved to be very helpful. For appetizers we tried the polenta fries, which were different but I wasn’t crazy about them, and the shrimp mozambique which I loved and were absolutely delicious. For dinner I had shrimp scampi and my friend had crab cakes, both were tasty and the portion sizes were certainly more than we could handle. I was not upset about the amount of food we ordered, I love leftovers depending on what they are, but I’m always pleased when a server recommends based on serving sizes!

Red Stripe (Providence, RI): Mike and I tried Red Stripe for one of our date nights this fall. The atmosphere was funny here as well, though for different reasons. With this one, the tablecloths were paper but mostly everything in the restaurant said ‘fine dining’ but the bar area was very casual and the entire place was an open floor plan. Regardless, the food was not something I particularly regret but we haven’t been back to visit again. We started with the truffle fries – a favorite indulgence of mine – nothing out of the ordinary, but I always enjoy the option of having them. I had the duo of duck confit with mushroom risotto and I just wasn’t crazy about the flavor, plus my risotto wasn’t up to temperature which kind of put me off. The duck could’ve been a palette thing, but I’ve never tried a duck dish I didn’t like.

Chapel Grille (Cranston, RI): This is perhaps the only really ‘bad’ one out of the bunch. This restaurant was built just a few years ago and it is absolutely beautiful. The bar area is perhaps one of my favorite spots around, including in Providence, and it’s the only thing that would bring me back here. I visited on two occasions and I was disappointed by both. With the first, I tried some shrimp cocktail that tasted funny – if I ever taste seafood in a restaurant that isn’t 100% fresh I almost immediately dismiss it from my list – and the caesar salad which had a very fishy taste (probably too much anchovy in the dressing) but the strange part was a strong flavor of cinnamon on the croutons. I could see maybe a hint being interesting to taste, but to be eating something that tastes like it should be dessert with a caesar salad was very odd. The margarita pizza we had with that meal was the only saving grace: thin crust, fresh tomatoes, cheese & basil. On the second visit, I decided to stick with the pizza but tried the four cheese & scallion pizza this time. We were sitting at the bar and the food was brought out – not by the bartender – and set in front of my on a large pizza tray without my having a plate for close to 10 minutes. The pizza was also not up to temperature and the cheese wasn’t completely melted nor were the onions fully cooked. Mike tried a rigatoni bolognese which wasn’t bad but wasn’t anything extraordinary, especially since the pasta wasn’t cooked through. Needless to say, if we visit again it would only be for drinks.

So, there they all are. The good and the bad, with more to come in the future.

For now,

❤ Food Snob


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