About The ‘Food Snob’

Welcome to a blog about a small girl living in a small state looking for big flavor.

About the small girl: I was born into a family mostly made up of Italian-Americans whose love for food is only second to their love for each other. I have a big family, but also a very tight-knit family and sometimes it gets a little crazy. It is expected when one is born into a family full of Italian-Americans (and Irish-Americans) that a love of food (and good beer and whiskey) will eventually become a part of life. It is even more expected when one parent attended culinary school and opened a restaurant.

Who I am can be answered in many ways, but for the purpose of this blog, the answer is as follows:

  1. I am an adult female living in and around Providence, Rhode Island.
  2. My dad and my mom’s brother co-own and co-operate a restaurant in Cranston.
  3. I am a sports fan of epic proportions and because of my relative nearness to Boston I am a die-hard Celtics fan with allegiance to both the Bruins and Red Sox. My football drug of choice is the Denver Broncos, not our hometown Patriots. If you must ask why, you may.
  4. I have an M.F.A. in Poetry from Emerson College.
  5. I am currently working as a temp, in HR with Ocean Spray Cranberries – which is actually a legitimate dream come true.
  6. My boyfriend, Mike, and I dine out a lot and enjoy trying new restaurants. We are foodies but we like to eat real meals and are not super into tiny servings of uber fancy food, as seen in movies like Burnt (that one where Bradley Cooper is a chef).
  7. I subscribe to a couple of food and lifestyle magazines and am always tearing out pages for recipe ideas.

After nearly 30 years of life, it came to my attention that if I love food and I love to write, there are many ways to share and express these loves. Thus, the birth of this blog.

With this medium that is now available for people like myself who enjoy eating and talking about eating and cooking and talking about cooking, the world of food is slowly evolving in the best way possible. My contribution to the blogosphere is simple: I would like to re-define the food snob. I would like other food snobs out there to reveal themselves, proudly and confidently, as such, as well, and to be proud of who they are rather than rude or unapproachable or even quivering and afraid.

About the small state: Rhode Island. Look it up.

About the big flavors: I plan to post recipes of my own, recipes that I test out (complete with likes & dislikes, modifications, etc.), experiences in the world of restaurants (complete with likes & dislikes), photos of delicious bites and menus of family events and celebrations (i.e., holidays, birthday parties), notes about how to stay healthy or how to keep a balanced life style, etc.

I will do my absolute best to respond to comments, questions, etc. and will also take suggestions and requests with regard to where and what I eat and blog about. Please note that these requests must be within reason. I also promise to try and post often enough that I will keep you interested but not so often that you will become bored.

A good writer sticks to what she believes and also works to interact with her audience. Without a pleased audience, we are stubborn artists indeed.


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